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The Black Diamond Story

An entrepreneur is characterized as an individual who envisions, creates, and redefines. What differentiates them is their ability to see what others cannot, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make that vision a reality. Although we didnít see it at the time, this idea led to the Beginnings of Black Diamond Designs.

Golfers often become so obsessed with perfection that sometimes that they forget that itís simply unattainable. This notion is what makes they game of golf so great. The concept of perfection is something we seek in everything we do.

Nearly four years ago, we began to question products we bought and used in our own lives. Why was it made this way? How was it made? And most importantly, where was it made? Clearly, the idea of quality crafted products was becoming a way of the past, and the phrase ďMade in The USA,Ē was almost as rare as winning the lottery.

Fueled by our frustration, we began tinkering; taking basic ideas and making them better. The simple idea of making our own stainless belt buckle soon evolved into PGA Tour players sporting our buckles on Sunday. As interest grew, so did our ideas. We soon realized, that if we wanted to do things right, we would have to do them ourselves. So instead of continually relying upon other manufacturers, we set up our own shop.

Black Diamond Designs is the combination of art, innovation, and pure American Craftsmanship. We believe that if itís going to be done, we might as well do it right, and then do it even better. Thatís the way it is, and thatís the way it will always be.