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Confused by something we said? No need to worry. Below you will find a list of terms we most commonly use. Click on the term to reveal the definition.

Torched Finish

Creates an array of colors such as gold, purple, deep blues, etc. Achieved by hand torching the stainless to temperatures in excess of 500 degrees. A truly unique finish!

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Matte Black Finish

Once milled, we apply an electrostatically charged powder, and bake the buckle to ensure durability. Once the coating has cured, the buckle design is remilled. This process creates an attractive, durable, finish that will stand up against every day wear and tear. We use the same type of coating, automotive manufactures use on their black car wheels.

Belt Buckle Specs

Paint Fill

Paint is applied by hand to a milled design. If you're looking to add color to your design, check out the paint fill color pallet.


CNC Milled

The abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC is a controller that drives a cutting machine. We use a CNC milling machine to produce many of our products. The CNC allows for precision accuracy and repeatability, nearly impossible for humans to replicate.

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Short for Media Blasted/SandBlasted. Finishing technique achieved by using compressed air to spray sand or any other type of media against a surface to etch or clean it.

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303 & 304 Stainless Steels

A common question. 303 and 304 stainless steels are very closely related. However, 303 has a much higher sulfur content, which makes it much easier to machine. Although it's much tougher to machine, 304 is available in a wider variety of shapes and sizes. From a performance aspect, both materials are corrosion resistant, and extremely durable. Because of this, we use both types in our products.


A dense or thick piece of metal. Typically a billet is in the form of a solid bar or block of metal.

Embossed Leather

A leather hide that has been stamped using heat and high pressure to create a specific pattern, design, and texture.

Picture of Red Embossed Gator Belt