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Over the past few years, we have developed a wide variety of finishing styles and techniques. Each finish has its own distinct look and feel. By combining these techniques, we are able to add depth and detail that take any design to a whole new level.

Below you will find a list of metal finishes and options we offer. Click the style or option to reveal more information.

Logo/Design Style Options

Engraving Styles and Textures

Milling Options

Below we have listed some of our standard milling/engraving styles. We use these patterns to create dimension and highlight the engraved logos or graphics. Use this guide for inspiration or reference when ordering Black Diamond Products.


Linear Engraving Styles

Our Linear Engraving Styles feature a pattern of textured lines arranged inside the boundary of the shape. This style manipulates light to create movement, while adding a modern sophisticated look. Available in Vertical, Diagonal, and Horizontal.

Diamond Engraving Style

Our Diamond Engraving Style reflects light a multiple directions creating a bright ornate look. This muti-directional machining style generates crisp detail and dimension, perfect for almost any design.

Textured Contour Engraving Style

The Textured Contour Engraving Style features the same type of grooved lines; however, the pattern is engraved parallel to the border of the shape. This style is the best choice for small and very intricate shapes.

Smooth Contour Engraving Style

The Smooth Contour Engraving Style manipulates light in many directions creating a nearly holographic look. This engraving style works well for highlighting a graphic against a blasted or matte surface.

Standard Paint Fill

Standard Paint Fill comes in a wide range of hues and can be added to the engraved area to add color to the design. This paint style is opaque and covers up the engraved pattern underneath.

Translucent Paint Fill

Translucent Paint Fill colorizes the engraving, while adding depth and dimension. This paint allows light to travel through it, which showcases the engraved pattern beneath it.

Finishing Techniques

Brushed Finish

Brushed Finish
Alligator Leather Swatches

Mirrored Finish

Mirrored Finish
Alligator Leather Swatches


Blasted Finish
Linear MIlled Examples

Deep Milled

Deep Milled
Alligator Leather Swatches

Linear milled

Linear Milled
Linear MIlled Examples

Matte Black

Matte Black Finish
Alligator Leather Swatches


Torched Finish
Linear MIlled Examples

Paintfill Color Options

Paint Fill Color Palette

Belt Buckle Specs
Due to color variances between computer monitors, custom paint colors may not appear exactly on screen as they do on the buckle.