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Have a question about Black Diamond products or placing an order? We've put together this list of common questions to help you find the information your looking for. If you still don't find the info that you need, feel free to drop us a line here. Click any section question to reveal the answer.

General Ordering FAQ

How long does it take to receive my order?

In-stock belt straps and in-stock Collection buckles will typically ship within 2-5 days of your order. All belt straps are hand crafted to your exact specifications. Special order belt straps and metal accessories (ie: custom buckles, divot tools and ball markers, etc) usually ship in 2-4 weeks. Turnaround time for large quantity custom products will vary based upon quantity ordered. For questions on turnaround times or to inquire about a rush order, send an email to us at [email protected].

Can I return a custom product?

Because all Black Diamond Custom products are crafted to your exact specifications, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges, UNLESS there is a defect in the materials or craftsmanship.

I have an idea for a unique idea for a custom piece, do you accept commissioned projects?

Black Diamond offers custom design, and manufacturing of specialty pieces in low or high volumes. Requests can range from product prototypes, jewelry, sculptures, furniture, art, etc. Clients will work directly with Black Diamond's chief designer, who will personally attend to the project from start to finish. Please send inquiries to us at [email protected].

We are planning an event and would like to purchase Black Diamond products for gifts. Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes. Please send us a message through our contact page or send your inquiry to us via email at [email protected].

Buckle FAQ

What are your buckles made from?

All of our metal accessories buckles (unless specified otherwise) are CNC milled from solid 303 and 304 stainless steels.

What are the dimensions of your buckles?

Our Classic Buckles are currently available in two sizes. However, we can make entirely custom buckles. Just email us your inquiry and we will do our best to build your dream buckle.

Belt Buckle Specs

Standard Buckle Size

By far our most popular size, this buckle was styled specifically for golf, but we have seen it worn with almost anything.

  • Interchangeable with belt straps up to 1 1/2" (38mm) in width.
Executive Buckle Size

The Executive buckle size is ideal for formal or casual attire; perfect for those looking to make a bold statement, without overdoing it.

  • Interchangeable with belt straps up to 1 3/8" (35mm) in width.

How can I maintain the appearance of my Black Diamond Buckle?

See our Metal Care Guide for details on how to maintain the appearance of your Black Diamond Buckle.

Do you offer custom paint fill colors?

Yes. You will need to send us a sample of the color and we will do our best to match it.

Belt FAQ

How are Black Diamond Belt Straps Measured?

Belt Strap Sizing

All Black Diamond belts straps are made with 5 holes, spaced 1"; apart. Each strap is measured from the leather end closest to the buckle, to the center hole (the third of five holes). strap size is based upon this measurement only, and does not include the length of the buckle. For odd sizes, round to the next larger size, and use the hole closest to center.

I have a belt that I currently wear, but I'm unsure of the size; can I measure it in order to get my correct belt size?

See our Belt Selection Guide for details on how to properly size your belt.

I have a particular belt color in mind, but don't see it available; can you find me a match?

Yes. Our leather suppliers offer hundreds of colors and styles. Please provide us with a color sample and we will do our best to match it. Send an email to us at [email protected] for more information.

Artwork FAQ

What type of artwork do you prefer, and how do I submit it?

Preferred Artwork Types

All Black Diamond Metal Products are created from a CAD based design. Because CAD software is mathematically driven, standard images such as .jpg will need to be traced and converted into a vector based file. For best results and to minimize delays, we ask that you submit your artwork in the form of a vector based file. If you cannot provide a vector file, please submit the best file type available based upon the list below. (Ranked in order of preference, 1=best)

  1. DXF, DWG, IGES, (preferred)
  2. AI or EPS (preferred)
  3. PDF
  4. JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  5. Hand Drawn Masterpiece
Submitting Artwork

If possible, please convert your images to outline (black and white) format, and remove all gradients. If you are not ordering your product online, email your artwork to [email protected].

Artwork Modifications

Black Diamond may to modify artwork to meet manufacturing requirements. If a substantial change is made, we will request approval before processing the order.


If you use a specific font in your design, please provide the font file with your submission, or reference the name and location for download.

Trademarks or Restrictions

We assume that our clients are authorized to use the artwork submitted to us for reproduction. The company or individual placing the order assumes full responsibility for use of artwork or trademarks. If your artwork requires a license or special permission, a copy of the authorization is required, before we can begin processing the order.

Can I submit a hand-drawn design?

Yes. Please scan or take a clear picture of your masterpiece and email it to us. We WILL NOT use artwork from a distorted or angled view. Make sure the design looks exactly how you would want it to appear on the finished product.

Hand Drawn Design Guidelines